Companion System

  • Dear Vemurians,

    Vetus Mundus still features the time-honored Player Companion System. It allows players to submit a help request, so they can get supported by other players. Provided a player is not located in Felucca, he or she can submit one of those help requests.

    A player registered as "Companion" can see a queue of help requests and is able to assist these players. The Companion will be teleported directly to the Players who are seeking help.

    A Companion has access to multiple commands.

    Player Commands:

    .ReqHelp / .sos "<Message>" - Submit a help request. The actual message sent is inbetween the quotes. Enter .ReqHelp / .sos again and the request will be deleted.

    Companion Commands:

    .ShowQueue - Shows a queue of people awaiting help.

    .Assist "Player Name" - Teleports the Companion to the specific player. This removes the player from the help request queue.

    .ToggleCompanion - Activates/Deactivates the Companion mode (No more messages and the companion cannot accept help requests anymore. If there is no companion available the support request will be denied automatically.)

    Note: A Companion is still a player. He is aware of the risk involved, to end up at unkown locations and needs to be able to leave those locations on his own.

    The following ruleset has been established for the Companion System:

    - You are not allowed to support your own characters or characters logged in with the same IP.

    - Intentionally misleading the Companions will not be tolerated.

    - The .Assist command should not be used as a "Taxi"-function. The command is only intended to be used for player support.

    - Breaking those rules or general misuse of the Companion status will result in the status being removed and the player being banned from ever becoming Companion again.

    Please send applications for Companion status directly to the staff.

    We hope some players will sign up for helping other players on Vetus-Mundus as a Companion.

    Your Staff