Doom Weekend - Big Custom Boss Challenge

  • The Doom Gauntlet will be open for a whole weekend for the "Big Boss Hunting Tour"!


    Friday, 12.07.2019 / 8 pm


    Monday, 15.07.2019 / 6 am

    That means:

    - All previous Doom mobs will be sent to the well-deserved holiday for the coming weekend, with all their artifacts

    - Replacement is done by well-known Boss Mobs from the UO / VM world, with all associated artifacts and specific Lootitems

    - The system of the Gauntlet is retained, all rooms must be processed one after the other

    - There will be 2 difficulty levels (1 round weaker / stronger than the other)

    - The Dark Father is replaced by a Custom Boss mob, with its own specific rewards and the chance of a Legendary Doom artifact

    I wish you good luck and success, you will need it ....

    GM Kaidun