1. General rules

  • There is no guarantee for a specific “game process”, item, skill etc. This can be changed if there is game interest.
  • The advertising for different shards is anticipated with an immediate account ban.
  • Notorious terror, unlawful, destruction or using unreasonable advantages (i.e. duplicating, “calculated” bug exploitation) will be penalized accordingly without any prior notice or warning.

2. Rules for character names

  • Names of dead or living persons, groups, facilities and institution of political, public, artistic or commercial life must not be used.
  • Sexist, racist or violent names must not be used.
  • Names of characters must not contain numbers.
  • The name of a human character should be recognized as a human name. The same applies to elves or gargoyle names.
  • In case of doubt the staff decides on the admissibility or refusal of names.
  • Names that do not correspond to the rules are forcibly renamed.
  • Character names can be changed for free by the staff every six months. If the last change is less than six months ago, an in game fee of 1.000.000 gold coins will be required.

3. The regulation for automated procedures

  • The regulation for automated procedures applies to all features and processes on Vetus-Mundus which are suitable for automated producing, looting, gathering, collecting and meaningfully procuring items.
  • Trashed! Don’t put it on the ground, deliver it to other chars, sunk it into keys, convert it and so on.
  • “Transferred to their original state” means melting, re-cutting and the like.
  • Automated processes are defined here as all independent processes that are executed by means of the execution of automatic scripts or programs on the server or the client PCs connected to the server, as well as all other automated procedures that can be executed via other means.
  • In the presence of the Player Owner (PO) in front of the screen and the eyes focused on the automated processes, the execution and use of automatic processes is permitted.
  • In case of eafs (eyes away from the screen © Balder) the staff intervenes. Leaving the eyes from the screen, whether physically or over-conceal it with other programs, the automatically moves must be stopped from the PO. After the reveal of a staff member and the following addressing to the PO, the immediate reaction of the PO has to take place. A defined period of time for the reaction of the PO is no longer guaranteed. The time span is sufficient if the staff member has convinced himself that the PO is using automated processes and is eafs. These are only a few seconds after the addressing.
  • When using a concession the PO may be afk or eafs, but only for the character who has the concession and only for which this concession is applicable.
  • Selling goods to NPCs is not allowed if the PO is afk or eafs.

4. Multi-Accounting

  • Multi-Accounting is expressly permitted on Vetus Mundus.
  • It is prohibited to create gold or items.
  • It is prohibited to obtain gold or items with more than three characters per player, even if no automated process (e.g. scripts or macros) is used.
  • Examples are killing and looting mobs, champing, farming resources, selling items to NPCs or other appropriate actions.

5. Building Rules

  • The construction of traps on houses and cities for capturing players is prohibited.
  • Construction measures for houses must be carried out in such a way that an exit can always be found by means of pathfinding or opening a door.
  • It is prohibited to block off mines, paths, gates, other houses and other public places.