Coding AG

Coding AG is for the exchange of all who actively participate in the development of server-side scripts for Vetus Mundus.

Please note:

  • Ideas for new game content, suggestions for improvement or changes to existing game content and indications of possible mistakes are always welcome.
  • All new game content and changes must be compatible with the VM's script status and match the other game content.
  • Proposals and scripts are discussed in detail before making a decision for or against. Like the staff members, members of Coding AG should be prepared to compromise and be able to get over the fact that many ideas are rejected for various reasons and only the ones rated as suitable are ultimately implemented.
  • Deciding what to add to the script state of VM or which existing scripts to change is the responsibility of the Shard admins. If you have the latest news, you can check here.

Anyone who accepts these terms and wants to contribute to the further development of Vetus Mundus can apply for joining the "Coding AG" user group here.

Conditions for joining the group Coding AG:

  • At least three months experience as an active player on Vetus Mundus
  • Known to the staff (eg from Discord - to exclude fake or double accounts)
  • Knowledge in C #, PHP, HTML and / or CSS