[PvP-Event] Friday Night Fights meets Wrestlemania! (2017-09-01)

  • Hear ye, citizens of Vetus Mundus.

    Since our shard is more densely populated again we wanted to reintroduce two of our older events: The FridayNightFights and WrestleMania.

    [Blocked Image: https://download.vetus-mundus.de/banner/banner_fnf_wm.png]

    Friday Night Fights

    The FNF are an event in which Players can mutually do PvP in different classes. Traditionally it takes place in the FNF-Arena in Felucca, which you can enter through the red moongate in the "Hasentempel" (a building east of the Luna Moongate, there is a blue "Trammel Bunny" next to it). There are protected spectator ranks, so players who just want to watch don't have to be scared for their safety.

    You can compete in three classes against each other:

    1. High End
      Any kind of equipment, tool or consumable is allowed (as long as it doesn't go against the VM rules).
    2. Runic
      Participants in this class oblige to the following rules:
      - Only Runic/Imbued Armor/Weapons/Jewelry (including artifacts) without Sockets
      - No Customs (Toolhouses, Keys etc.)
      - No Properties on Robes, Shoes, Sashes etc. (e.g. Armored Robe, Follower or Quiver)
    3. Classic
      For this class there are a few more restrictions:
      - (Exept.) Armor/Weapons (can be made from coloured resources) without magical properties
      - No Jewelry
      - No Customs, Artifacts, Talismans, Quivers, Robes, Shoes, Sashes etc. if they have magical properties.
      - Only standard Spellbooks without properties
      - Max. 50 Reagents/Bandages/Potions
      - Max. 10 Shuriken or Fukiya Darts
      - No Special Arrows
      - You can fabricate buffs in the form of food or magic before the battle starts.

    There are no mounts allowed in any of those categories. Tamers are excluded from the whole contest.

    Your enemies will be choosen randomly. A player can fight a total of 5 times each evening, regardless if you use 5 different characters or always the same one.

    If a battle lasts longer than 10 minutes it will be paused and then continued with a more harsh ruleset.

    For a victory in the High End class you will receive 1 point, in the Runic class 2 points and in the Classic class 3 points. The points can be traded for rewards at Harathos, one of our GMs. The amount of points each Player owns are put on record in the red book at the Arena.

    FNF Prices:

    5 Points - Shirt - Vetus Mundus Friday Night Fighter (blessed)
    10 Points - Cloak - Hero of the Friday Night Fights (blessed)
    15 Points - little Statue - Veteran of the Friday Night Fights
    25 Points - big Statue - Veteran of the Friday Night Fights
    50 Points - Statue of the "deadly Mietzekatze"
    75 Points - FNF-Shroud with slightly reduced A-Robe properties
    100 Points - Lucky Artifact Spawn
    125 Points - Ethereal Skeletal Steed
    150 Points - Grade 3 Prisma
    175 Points - Statue in the House of Fame

    For more points you can upgrade your Statue:

    25 Points - Bronze
    50 Points - Silver
    75 Points - Gold
    100 Points - Orginal color of the Player
    150 Points - The Statue will say a sentence you can pick.

    The upgrades have to be picked in that order. Points you use for rewards will be subtracted from the Point Book.

    You need to register at the GM Harathos at least 2 hours before the event starts, providing infos about your characters and classes you want to participate in.

    Registration fees for each Character and Fight: High End 2.000 GP, Runic 1.000 GP, Classic 200 GP. Harathos will collect the gold once you contact him.


    This is an event only the older citizens of Vetus Mundus might know. It revolves around defeating your opponent with brute force. It is very popular to put up an act either by using fancy clothing or other means, to show your enemy who's boss before the battle started. Traditionally everyone can participate in this event, as long as he or she learned how to walk (and therefore can enter the FNF Arena on their own, which disqualifies Gargoyles).

    Even though it will take place in the FNF Arena this time, it will still take place under the traditional Jhelom Pit ruleset:

    - Fist fight without Gloves (Bandages without properties will be provided for hygienic reasons)

    - The fight ends once a fighter gets knocked out or gives up

    - You can pick your clothing yourself, but only cloth without properties is allowed. Robes are not allowed.

    - Leather shoes without properties are allowed.

    - You cannot fight completely naked.

    - Jewelry of any kind is not allowed.

    - Any kind of potion, bandages or doping (Buffs, Petals etc.) are not allowed.

    - Healing in any way is forbidden

    - The combatants are not allowed to have any kind of pet with them at the Arena

    - The whole contents of your bag have to be given to the present bank personnel (empty backpack, which includes Spellbooks)

    - Age, Education and Experience of the participants are irrelevant, everyone is allowed to fight.

    Wrestlemania Prices:

    - 1st Place, Special Price and 100.000 GP
    - 2nc Place, Special Price and 50.000 GP
    - 3rd Place, Special Price and 30.000 GP
    - 4th Place, Special Price and 20.000 GP
    - 5th Place, Special Price and 10.000 GP
    - everyone gets a special price depending on their place, nobody will go home empty handed.

    You need to register at least 2 hours before the event starts at our GM Tyr, providing your Character name. Your enemies will be picked randomly.

    The winners will be determined based on their groups or K.O.s, depending on the amount of participants. Every player is allowed to participate with one Character only. If a fight takes longer than 5 minutes it will be stopped and a winner will be decided based on remaining hit points and applause of the audience for the provided show.

    We are looking forward to see many participants and spectators!

    Your Staff