Important information about the "self repair" set bonus

  • As we already announced, the set-bonus "self repair" will be void if you wear at least one part of the set that has been changed with imbuing.

    This means that imbued sets will not repair themselves in the future, nor can they be repaired by repair deeds.

    Basically, this change is the long overdue rectification of an error.

    Through the feedback of the community we realized that for some players the "self repair" set bonus was an important motive to be ready for the incoming "socket-patch".

    The removal of "self repair" - and the fact that you cannot repair imbued set-items - caused the expected durability of their new armor to be vastly reduced and not equivalent to the work needed to create these set-items.

    After consulting with some of the affected players we have found a compromise that looks like the following:

    Yesterday on Mai 02, 2019, all existing set-parts with "self repair" that have been changed through imbuing have been marked for our staff.

    Up to and including May 12, 2019, you have the opportunity, possibly not yet completed, already existing and started sets to complete..

    Set-parts who haven't been changed through imbuing till the Mai 02, 2019, are excluded from the next step:

    The marked set-parts will be changed by us after the Mai 12, 2019, like the following:

    • the "imbued" flag will be removed
    • as a result, the affected set parts become repairable
    • the name-tag [(not defined yet)] will be added to the changed set-items so they are recognizable by others
    • the "self sepair" set-bonus will be removed
    • the durability will be set to 100/100
    • the durability cannot be increased anymore through fortifying

    This is an one time action, after the deadline all set-items will be changed like described above.

    After the change you can still imbue the set-parts but if you do they cannot be repaired anymore.

    We are thankful for the constructive suggestions and discussions to this theme that helped us, in our opinion, to find a good result.

    (Thanks for the translation, Skyfly)

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