Halloween 2019: [Quest] Who scares away the scarecrows?

  • The sun is already low as Sir Darion returns in his office. As the meeting with the merchants guild had gone much farther than expected, the councilman was in an excellent mood. Now we would spend an hour with the incurred correspondence, then it would be closing time. Hm, I had foreseen his return with the inherent efficiency and there is already a hot cup of tea on his desk. He took a sip of pleasure ... to spit it on the spreaded papers. "Belan!" He screamed as golden drops dripped down from his chin and dripped onto the desk.

    His adjutant appeared within seconds. "What's that?" Darion demanded, pointing an outstretched forefinger at the cup. Belan stepped to the table and sniffed. "It will seem to me that tea is concerned, sir." Finally, while it straightened up again, "Pumpkin tea, if I'm not very mistaken, according to the season," he added in an instructive tone. "If you like, you may like to try to get the recipe out ..." "Pumpkin tea?" Interrupted Sir Darion indignant, "Will you poison me? No, please do not answer, just take this unspeakable brew and dispose of it." Sir Darion shook his head as his adjutant left the room. "Pumpkin tea ..." he mumbled as he pulled out a handkerchief and dabbed the papers carefully, "whatever else would happen to them, Barbaric."

    A few minutes later, Belan returned. "Your tea, sir, green tea as you like it. By the way, a guard is waiting outside to ask for an interview." Darion took a small gulp carefully. His face brightened. "Send him in."

    "Sir Darion, thank you for receiving me." The guard hesitated for a moment, then the man continued, "You see, it's about a farmhand, he's working in a farm near Britain, he came running into town today and I thought you should know about it, if you understand what I mean. " The councilman frowned. "I still can not see the relevance, but continue, then the matter may become clearer," he told the guard. "Sure, of course, so the thing is: Nirvelli, that's the name of the farmhand, went back to the field this afternoon, actually looking for it this morning, but he had to fix a fence that the storm had recently damaged the pigs, do you understand? " Sir Darion took another sip of tea and sighed. "I suppose the fence is of no importance for the continuation of this story, is it? Please come to the point." The guard nodded eagerly. "Well, when Nirvelli came to the field, he saw a scarecrow, which he had not put up there, and that was not there yesterday, it was scary," said old Nirvelli, "and he is not terribly frightening He ran, he had a lot of stuff, and the old man can still be pretty quick if he wants to, but most of the time ... "

    Belan's expression turned into stone, while Sir Darion could no longer suppress a smile. "What nonsense are you talking about, man?" The adjutant snapped at the guard. "Do you have to seriously harass the city councilor with such a scarecrow on a field? This is not a state matter." The guard was startled. "I just meant, I'm so sorry, I just thought ... because the scarecrow had followed him to the very edge of the city and nearly killed the poor guy."

    Attention: Characters with little or no combat experience should be very suspicious of scarecrows that have suddenly appeared. To fondle these cute harvest guards can only be recommended to experienced adventurers. As soon as Sir Darion has found a way to handle this new development in a meaningful way, he will of course contact you as soon as possible.

    Have fun!

    Your Staff

    P. S .: Quest and Reward are identical to 2018.