Client installation and connection data

To play on Vetus Mundus you need an original and unchanged UO Client from EA with the respective version. You can choose between the Classic Client and the Enhanced Client. Which one of these two suits you better can only be chosen by your priorities. Both Clients can be downloaded here.

Classic Client: Version

The Classic or the 2D Client is easier and more user-friendly. Although the Classic Client is the original and first released client, most players prefer this version. The “old school” look, the simple artistic flavor, not as much modern “frills” and the possibility to place individual spells and skills on the whole screen are the reason this client is so popular.

Since it is no longer possible to connect directly to a freeshard, you need an additional program such as Razor or UOSteam. You can find these programs in the download section under ”About VM” and then “Filebase”. The detailed description for installing and operating Razor can be found in our Wiki.

Enhanced Client: Version (Beta)

The Enhanced or the 3D Client resembles the graphic from the original 2D client with an additional isometric perspective where you can see everything slightly diagonally from above. Through the improved graphics and the isometric perspective everything looks 3 dimensional. Also many players find the change in the graphical environment with new textures and models visually more beautiful. The main advantage of this client is that there are new features such as the ability to display the inventory in tidy raster optics, the zoom function, new advanced macro capabilities, a more extensible configurable interface, changes to the mapping system, etc. which improve the user comfort. Due to the fact that the EC is still in beta, we cannot provide the same support for problems as for the CC.

To play with the EC on Vetus Mundus you need our Custom EC Loader which can be downloaded here.

With the Pinco’s UI you have even more possibilities to customize and design the EC according to your ideas. The Pinco’s UI has even more interesting features at disposal.

Connecting data


Port: 2594