First Steps

Game control and fight

How do I move my character?

Keep the right mouse button pressed and move the mouse cursor in the direction you wish to go. Now you can have a stroll and look around. In the beginning you’ll enjoy the status of a „young player“ and monsters or hostile animals won’t attack you.

How do I fight as a melee character or archer? Take your weapon in your hand. Now click the „Peace“-button in your paperdoll to change into Warmode You can do this by fitting the TAB-key or Alt+C as well. Now double-click your opponent and your character will attack on his own if the opponent is in range of your weapon. Other players can only be attacked on Felucca and you as well can only be attacked by other players there.

How do I cast spells?

As a magician you've got a spellbook with your starter’s kit in you backpack. Double-click it to open it and you’ll see the different spells. You can double-click one of the icons directly and then choose a target (depending on the spell). You can also drag the icons out of your spellbook. Then you don’t have to open it every time to cast the spell. Casting spells consumes reagents. When you’ve used all your reagents you have to buy more from a Mage-NPC to cast again.


How do I talk to other players?
Just type the text and hit ENTER. The text will be shown over your head.

How can I send a private message (PM) to other players?

You can open the message window by typing “.pm [playername]” and ENTER. Here you’ll be able to enter your message. Submit it by clicking “send”.

If you get a PM yourself you’ll see a round sign on the top-left corner of your game window. Open it with a left click. You can also access your PMs by typing “.ma” and hitting Enter.

How do I write in one of the chats?
Type “.c”, then a blank and then your text.
Example: “.c This is your text”

Apart from the public chat (.c – commonly called “worldchat”) there are some other channels you can use, e. g. .n (Newbies), .t (Trade-Channel) and .v (Gargoyles). You can ask all kind of questions in the Newbie-Channel.

Equipment and Gold

Where can I get my first equipment from?

Depending on profession (skills) your character got some basic items. For your first close encounter with unfriendly guys the “Rookie Leather Armor” is a good choice. You can purchase it for a few hundred gold pieces in New Haven (on the roof of the wooden building in the north of the place where your character appeared on this world). Over time you’ll find better equipment in the loot of slain opponents, buy it from other players or even craft it youself).

How can I earn money in the beginning? The currency on Vetus Mundus are gold coins. You’ll find them in the corpses of slain opponents (double-click to search them) or you can get it from other player by selling them wood, iron and so on. Feel free to ask questions in the newbie-channel if you’re interested in that kind of work. There are also some NPCs in New Haven (where you start your journey) that pay quite generously for different services. You can also quite easily earn your first money by slaying the rats in the ruins of Old Haven (in the south of New Haven) and taking the gold out of their corpses.

Death and Insurance

I died, what can I do?
No need to panic, the NPC-healers or the tree in the north of the New Haven Bank will ressurect you free of charge.

You can also use the chat to ask other players to help you or call one of the companions. Companions are player who consented to assist other players in emergencies.

Your belonging will remain in your corpse. Double-click it to open it and retrieve your items.

CAUTION: Your corpse will turn into bones after 7 minutes and vanish completely after another 7-minutes-period. If you didn’t take your items by that they are irretrievably lost. Lost property, be it equipment, gold or pets will never be replenished or replaced by the staff.

How can I prevent my items from getting lost?

Most items (but not containers, gold and some stackable items) can be insured. Left-click your character and choose “toggle item insurance” from the menu. With the cross you can now choose the items you wish to insure. The items have to be in your backpack to do this. All insured items will be in your backpack after your next death and not in your corpse.

We advise to also choose “auto renew inventory insurance”. By doing that all insured items will stay insured after your death. So you don’t have to worry to loose them in case you forgot to re-insure them after your death.

The cost for the insurance is 600 Gold per death and item. They are directly debited from your bank account.

CAUTION: If you don’t have enough money in your bank deposit you won’t be able to re-insure the items.

Behavioural Rules

Apart from the rules of the game engine which you will learn in time (e. g. what is possible and what is not) you should treat other players as you would like others to treat you: With respect.

Gutter language and insults are not welcome here. A summary of the rules on Vetus Mundus can be found here.
You can get more hints and information from “Anian der Weise” in New Haven. Left-click him and choose “talk”.

We wish you a lot of fun on Vetus Mundus.