[VM Homepage] Migration

  • Dear Vemurians,

    our Internet presence will migrate to new systems slowly but surely within the next days and weeks.

    Step 1: Setup and testing of the new Software (includes migrating posts of the old forum into the new forum) - done
    Step 2: Development of the new page layout and templates - in the works
    Step 3: Migration of the Wiki - done
    Step 4: Update of the user data before migrating them to the new system - incomplete, the user has to do that himself *
    Step 5: Migrating the user data and forum posts into the new forum - incomplete
    Step 6: Sending E-Mails to all users: Request to set a new Password
    Step 7: Archiving the old Homepage

    * IMPORTANT: Please check your own user data, especially the E-Mail Adress is very important to send you system mails after we migrated your data!

    We will keep you updated on our progress. The deadline for our relocation is the 15th of January 2017.

    Since the option to change your E-Mail is not easy to find, here's a short Tutorial:

    1) On the VM Homepage (you have to be logged in) check the dropdown menu under "Anmelden/Abmelden " on the top. Click "Account Daten".
    2) On the next page click "Edit Profile" next to your Avatar and username.
    3) On the next page click the middle tab "Edit Profile"
    4) Update data, save, done

    Kind Regards,

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