Patchnotes 08-03-2017

    • Peerless Keys: An additional query was added to the script. The maximum range between party members when using the key was extended to 8 tiles, we hope no party members will be "forgotten" outside anymore. Please give us feedback if everything works as intended now.
    • The caps for Faster Casting were adjusted to OSI standard, see UOGuide
      • Magery, Mysticism, Necromancy = 2
      • Bushido, Chivalry*, Ninjitsu, Spellweaving and Bard Masteries = 4
      • *Chivalry = 2, if Magery and/or Mysticism Skill = 70 or higher
    • In Luna the recurring 30 day rent for houses sometimes was collected every 7 days, which in isolated cases led to the rental agreement being cancelled, due to the lack of gold in the renters bank box. Now the rent will be collected properly every 30 days.
    • You can now also use regular water for brewing.
    • Chief Paroxysmus now has a 5% chance to drop a Paroxysmus Swamp Dragon Statuette. Double clicking this statue will give you an immediately bonded Paroxysmus Swamp Dragon. It will wear an indestructible "Dragon Barding" armor, which will grant a 12% damage reduction to it's rider. See UOGuide
    • It was possible to add sockets to certain craftable artifacts. Since those artifacts can have very good properties if crafted with runic tools, we decided to fix this problem and removed the possibility to add sockets.
    • Since the introduction of Gold Panning, Osiredon the Scalis Enforcer had to share his Artifacts with the River King. To make him great interesting again, he got his artifacts back exclusively. We also set the property values of his artifacts to OSI standards (before that properties spawned in a certain range, now they are fixed). Instead of the small Soul Forge, he's still got the "Circlet of the Scalis", also with adjusted property values. See UOGuide
    • When Gravedigging you can now aquire new items, provided you have high enough skill (Legendary Mining + Bonus Armor required).
    • Gold Panners will also be able to find new items. Additionally some of the jewelry, which you could also find before, were overhauled. The River King can no longer drop Osiredons Artifacts, however he got a bunch of new artifacts.
    • To help cleaning up your backpacks a bit, you can now put all the different Concessions into a "Stack of Concessions". It will be available from Tinker LBODs with the same requirements as Shipwright and Architect Tool Houses.
    • Analog to Ancient, Legendary and Mythic Wood, which allowed to add bonus Lumberjacking skill into your Socket Armor, there soon will be Ancient, Legendary and Mythic Ironstones, which will allow the same thing for Mining. Ironstones will be added in a future content patch.
    • The "Mystische Wegweiser" got a few more links, mostly for voting sites.
    • A Reward for the Fishing Contest was added
    • The drop rate for barding tools (which you can compose your own music with) was adjusted.
    • The description "White Book" in the Inscription crafting menu was changed to "Plaid Book", since the required books aren't white, but checked.
    • The "shield enchantment potion" is now categorized as "other" in the Alchemy menu.
    • Female Holy Mages contacted their labor union for actual female clothes, so now they don't have to wear male clothes anymore.
    • The automated time-scheduled issue of seasonal presents was a bit dodgy, so the script was adjusted a bit.

    A few things did not make it into the Patch due to time constraints, we hope to bring them live as soon as we can.

    Have Fun!

    Your Staff