Enhanced Client on Vetus Mundus

Installation and connecting to Vetus Mundus

To play on Vetus Mundus you’ll need an original, unchanged client which is patched at least to version (3D / Enhanced) of EA.

Apart from the client you’ll also need the “Enhanced Client Loader”, which will directly connect you to Vetus Mundus.

Of course you’ll be able to find both programms on our download page. Just follow the installation instructions given by the client. Perhaps you’ll have to patch the client before starting the loader what could take some time depending on you internet connection. Then close the programm.

Account creation and character creation.

Starting the loader will take you to the login-screen:

Just type in an account name (1) and a password (2) auswählen. The password should have at least ten digits.
For safety reasons you should not choose the preferred name of your character as an account name.

Keep your account name and the password to yourself.
Every person who know these two can alter the password and bar you from your account. Think carefully if you are prepared to take this risk. Even in decent relationsships there can be tensions and in such a case there is no claim for a return of the stolen account.

On Vetus Mundus there is no limit to the number of accounts which mearns you can easily create several accounts. Every account can have up to five characters.

Now just click LOGIN.

Vetus Mundus ist already pre-selected you can just confirm it with clicking OK (3) bestätigt werden.

On this screen you’ll be able to select a character, create a new characters or delete a character. If you haven't created a character yet, this list is empty. .

Click CREATE (4) to create a new character.

Now you’ll see the character creation menu.

On the first tab"Race" you can select your race. You can choose between human, elf and gargoyle.(5) Please keep in mind the gargoyles can only play on Ter Mur.. In case that you should like to play on Trammel etc. you'll have to choose Human or Elf as your character race.

You can also decide whether you want to play a male or female character (6).

When you’ve made you decisions move on to the tab "Profession".

Obviously this is where you make you career decision.

You can either choose one of the predefined professions like Warrior, Mage (Magier) etc. (7) or you click Customize (8) to distribute your skillpoints and values for strength, intelligence and dexterity yourself.

Further information about the different templates and skills can be found in our Wiki.

Don’t worry, on Vetus Mundus you can easily unlearn any skill and replace it with any other skill. So you are not bound to your former decision.

When satisfied with your selection click on the tab "Appearance", to change the look of your character.

You can choose between ten different faces, many hairstyles and beards to adjust the look of your character. You may change the hue of the skin, hair and beard as well.

The clothing in this menu is just a preview to give you a first clue how your character may look like. It depends on the choice you man in the tab "Profession". You’ll change your beginner’s equipment quite soon to better stuff, so you should not take much notice of this aspect.

In the last tab"Create" you can give your character a well-sounding name. (9).

You should choose this name with care, your character might live several years with that name.
Please notice that we don’t like funny names like “Sir Underpants” or something like that. Keep in mind that UO is still a role play game after all.

In case that you just can’t think of a proper name you might get some inspiration from this name generator .
With that the account and character creation ist completed. Just click NEXT NEXT (10) to get into to game.

Now you can begin to explore the world of Vetus Mundus.
We wish you lots of fun with that!

Click here for more information about the basics of the gameplay and some hints for beginners.