Patchnotes 10-25-2018

    • Preparations for Halloween 2018 - we'll notify you separately once the event is active.
    • There is now a safety prompt to prevent you from accidentally adding Event Tokens to your Token Account.
      Attention: Event Tokens added to your Token Account will no longer be redeemable for Rewards in the current Events!
    • A Buff Icon was added for the Chivalry Spell "Consecrate Weapon".
    • The timer after which inactive Players will be teleported out of Dungeons was raised from 5 to 10 Minutes.
    • NPC Vendors now also grab gold from your bank box if you do not have enough on you. For now Player Vendors are excluded from that feature.
    • For some items the SecureLevel (for locking them down in houses and using them) was fixed:
      Mystischer Wegweiser (Pocket Edition), Sleeping Pets, Virtue Banner
    • Name Change Deeds for Sleeping Pets, Nutcrackers and Snowmen were fixed.
    • The weight of Bark Fragments was reduced.
    • Gnarled Staffs now have Force of Nature as Secondary Ability, like they have on OSI.
    • Adjustments for the Multi-Addon Command for higher Item IDs (Staff-only)
    • New measures against AFK farming (if against the rules)

    Please let the Staff know if you notice something, that doesn't seem right or causes you issues.

    Thank you and have fun!